Feel happy and help the earth.

Earthjoy is a free private journal where you can capture the things that are good in your life. We help you make this a daily practice by having you commit to donating to an environmental charity on days you forget.

This way, you always have something to feel good about.

Practicing gratitude makes you happier.

Researchers have found that two of the most common ways to feel happy are having a daily gratitude practice 
and committing yourself to a 
charitable cause.

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Reduce Stress
& Anxiety

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Feel Optimistic
& Present

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Improve Memory
& Sleep

Accountability keeps you consistent.

The American Society of Training and 
Development found that if you have a 
specific accountability assignment
 with a party you’ve committed to, 
your chances of reaching your 
goal increase to 95%. By committing to donate to a charity when you miss a journal entry, you are much more likely to stick to the new habit.i

Your donations help the earth.

Earthjoy partners with some of the best environmental charities around the world. Whether it’s cleaning the world’s oceans, saving endangered species or fighting to protect trees from deforestation, your donations from Earthjoy will be directly benefiting the world we live in.

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Start today and feel happier. The earth will thank you too.

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