Bye Anxiety. Hello Motivation.

Earthjoy is the fun way for busy people to practice gratitude. With an “Instagram-like” journaling experience and science-based cognitive techniques, Earthjoy will help you build healthy self-care routine for happiness.

Cherish special moments.

A unique way to capture your thoughts and memories through beautiful text and photo journals. Be reminded of the good things in your life and feel happier.

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Reduce Stress
& Anxiety

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Feel Optimistic
& Present

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Improve Memory
& Sleep

Create Beautiful Memories.

Text is boring. Design stunning journal entries through the use of photos, text and editing tools. These journals can be assembled together to create memorable highlight videos of your special moments.


Improve your mood and motivation.

Enjoy daily motivational quotes, affirmations and mood tracking to help start your positivity engine and increase your self confidence.

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Daily Self-Care Quotes

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Daily Positive Affirmations

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Goals & Vision Board

A gratitude app you’ll actually use.

Use integrated habit forming techniques and accountability methods to make your mindful practice a daily habit. Practice gratitude with friends or help the earth along your journey.

Practice gratitude and help the earth.

Earthjoy donates 10% of profits to save the world’s oceans, and partners with some of the best environmental charities to allow you to support a number of great causes.  Whether it’s cleaning the world’s oceans, saving endangered species or fighting to protect trees from deforestation, you can make a difference to the planet.

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Start today and feel happier.

Download for free today on iOS and Android.